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To eat healthy cost an arm-and-a-leg.  As a single mother, rearing my grown -up daughter, I relentlessly, refused to succumb to McDonald’s happy meals or packaged meals loaded with salt— and god knows what else, in order to save time.

During those years, I served double-duty as the primary caretaker of a chronically ill parent.  Three-quarters of her illness,  by no fault of her own— the other quarter, weighed heavily on her commitment to healthy eating

With that said, over time I learned and practiced over and over by persistent doctors and specialist and it changed my ways of eating i.e

My favorite things… popcorn and farmer markets

In a pivotal time in my life,  (i.e, getting older) I reorganized my priorities and focused on my physical, spiritual, and mental health.  I gave up cigarettes for good, exercise regularly, and continuously learn new vegan and paleo meals on a dime Popcorn you asked?

Popcorn you asked?

I’m obsessed with plain, organic popcorn  (great for boosting the metabolism system).  And five years in, as a pescatarian, I lost 35 pounds with a lean and tighter body.  (Thank you, Bob Harper)

Next, I re-launched Veggiebae as The Repurpose Chef.  The purposes are to empower and engage the best social event on the planet — the dinner table

Bon appetite,

Connie Woodson