Java, the way it’s meant to be

Attention: coffee lovers

I’m a coffee hound, and while visiting Albany, NY, the owner of Stacks (love you, guys!) recommended the best coffee house in Troy, NY: Superior Merchandise Co. located in Historical Downtown District Troy, NY., located at 147 and 4th Street

veggiebae gallery
shot by The Repurpose chef, Superior Merchandise co., Historical Downtown Troy, NY

The minute you walk in are dark-red bricked walls, a luminous white neon logo, floating retail shelves of organic candles,soaps, and hair products are eye-appealing. At the opposite walls are graphic T-shirts and other notions.

Ready to get down to the heart of the matter?…coffee!

shot by The Repurpose Cheif, Historical downtown Troy, NY

Coffee confessions

I’m not hard to please.  Yet, I expect customer service excellence and unapologetic. for it. A business with poor customer service is like a bad headache

Customer service appeals and its decor

The barista’s on duty greeted me with warm welcomes  and eagerness to show and tell their electric products and services.  Shoutout to Superior Merchandise Co for making this post awesome!

If you’re downtown Troy, NY district, visit Super Merchandise Co for a coffee experience. And visit Stacks Expresso if visiting Albany, NY, mention The Repurpose Chef sent you!



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