On the Waterfront: Troy, NY Farmers’ Market


Part of the robust food scene in Troy, NY is the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market.  Upstate NY farmers, growers, and food growers, and food artisans  present and enterprise near the scenic Hudson River waterfront

Take your pick

From fruits and vegetables to artisan dill pickles and organic peanut butter with soy and almond milk are displayed retail food markets and individually priced

The Repurpose Chef’s top pics

Beginning with award-winning, Puckers Gourmet Co., is the ultimate pucker-up experience.  Each pickle is aged and fermented in old whisky barrels and comes in unique varieties of gourmet pickle salads  and jarred pickle recipes.  You will never want to eat a plain pickle again!


THIS,  incredible homemade pesto by BUDDHAPESTO proprietor Maria Candera is the best pesto I’ve ever tasted!  Handcrafted into harmonious blends of fresh basil, parsley, garlic, and pine nuts  (gluten free pesto is available) is so damn delicious!

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