Like silk: Try on an Avocado Smoothie

Post updated 7/28/2016

I made this creamy avocado smoothie in a food processor because a blender wasn’t on hand.  None the matter, avocado smoothies are loaded with vitamins, minerals, heart-healthy fats, and dietary fiber and I find it’s convenient to have batches on hand in the refrigerator, in case, breakfast time is limited

Related article:  Why Bethenny Frankel says men don’t know that women are crazy and avocados make your skin glow is a good read while slurping up your Avocado smoothie!


Get my 4-step avocado smoothie recipe


1 Ripe cubed-avocado

1 Ripe Banana (bite-sized pieces)

1 cup of Sweet Almond Milk (add 1 tbsp. water if too thick)

1 tbsp. of natural honey

Mix all the ingredients.   Blend or puree to the desired texture.  Use a rubber spatula to clean sides of blender or processor




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