Bone Broth: Don’t call it a comeback

…Post updated 7/28/2016 

Why bone broth is not new

Historically, my ancestors strained — pig, cow and animals bones, to reduce them to a bone broth to keep from starving to death and  commonly used in the south for seasoning.

Fast-forward: New York evolved bone broth into a Paleo drink headlined on the New York Times

Manhattan rips bone broth

In New York, the bone broth evolution began in 2009 by Chef Marco Canora; owner of Hearth, 403 E. 12th Street, New York, NY.   His full support of the farm-to-table movement located near Union Square Green Markets, in the East Village; generated a new culture of Bone Broth drinkers

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It cuts to the bone

The bone broth process is labor-intensive. Chef Canora hauls heavy, 150 lb bags of animal bones to boiling pots and dissipates them into juice to produce the hot, new trend among Manhattanites.  Hearth charges $4.50 for a to-go cup of organic chicken broth and if you order bone marrow and garlic it costs you $10.50 a cup. At the end of the day,  Hearth’s average broth ticket sales are $15.00

Bone broth heals according to Kobe Bryant

Bone broth advocate, Dr. Cate Shanahan, Director of the Lakers PRO nutrition program, Consultant, Nutritionist ordered Bone Broth for Kobe Bryant after suffering a severe basketball injury.  Kobe stated that bone broth, lessened the inflammation and became Kobe’s daily diet; after beating the odds he’d be out the whole season

At last, Marco Canora models bone broth

From seasonal menus to partnerships with local farmers over the past 15 years; enabled the adoption of  Marco Canora’s bone broth recipes into Bone Broth Bowls acquired by Panera Bread Companies

Note:  Panera Bread Co. Bone Broth  Bowls quarterly earnings were  unfound

Have you tried bone broth?  Share your experience with us



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