Serafino Reds

Will add to my wine list. Thank you!




Serafino “Steve” Maglieri came to Australia from Sepino, Italy as a 17 year old, and just like so many of the Europeans who came to our shores seeking a bright future planted some vines with his father whilst working the land with orchards and other vineyards. It wasn’t long before he established Maglieri Wines. Ultimately success brings change and the brand “Maglieri” was sold to then Beringer Blass (now Treasury Wine Estates, the independent wine arm of Carlton & United Brewing) in the late 1990s. Out of the ashes, the phoenix of Serafino Wines rose after Steve acquired the McLaren’s On The Lake complex. Steve’s daughter Maria now has the reins, and the family expanded the winery to be a complete venue incorporating conference facilities, quality restaurant and accommodation, all surrounded by towering 200 year old gum trees. Charles Whish joined as winemaker in 2008. Whilst never losing focus on…

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